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Android TV – Launch and activate HBO GO APP on the TV

This material was created on Android TV v.7 HBO GO is one of the most popular VOD platforms in Poland. And in the world. Same as Netflix. Which one is better? It’s hard to determine. They offer such a different offer of films, series and fairy tales that it is impossible to decide on only one of them. Personally, I use Netflix (for series) and HBO GO (for movies, cartoons and … series). In my opinion, HBO GO has a slightly better offer for people who don’t necessarily want to focus their attention only on TV series, but Netflix has many great productions. When starting the Netflix application, we are asked to provide the login and password for the account. The device is added to the list as supporting Netflix and that’s it. In the case of HBO GO, logging in involves adding the device to the list of devices of your account. After the welcome screen is displayed, you will be asked to add a device. You can go to the indicated web address and enter the activation code (if you are not logged in to your HBO GO account in your browser, you must log in). Or if you are already logged in to your HBO GO account then simply go to account settings and enter the CODE shown on the TV. That’s all. Enjoy watching HBO GO on your Android TV.

If you are interested in where I got HBO GO, I will answer that by extending the contract at UPC it was offered to me for the entire subscription period. Nice gesture. In my family Netflix is ​​divided into several devices so the maintenance costs are also low.

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